Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nursing Home Visit

The children and I had the awesome opportunity of visiting a Japanese Nursing Home on Friday. Is that cool or what? American Christians getting to honor elderly Japanese residents. The PWOC here has alternated with the CWOC monthly for years to take birthday gifts to residents. We arrive, they announce the birthday honorees, we give them a gift, we get a photo taken with them, they serve us a drink, we left a treat....very cool. There was only the family of the lady who organizes it and us today. She's recently taken it over. We discussed plans for advertising in the future.


I DROVE to the nursing home all by my myself. Jared nearly got hit by a tree branch once - I have mentioned that the roads are NARROW? - but we were fine. When we entered the nursing home we slipped off our shoes, turned them so they faced the door and put on the slippers they'd provided. They rushed to get a small pair for Stacia and Jared had to make do...that's what you get for having size 13 feet in an Asian country. When we left he hit his head on the door frame....which WE thought was quite funny.

We look forward to doing this again.

Choosing Joy!
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Jamin said...

Jared, I think I need to get you a football helmet! lol

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Jamin - you're home!!!! YES.

Anonymous said...

How neat!

duck Jared duck!! Oregon Duck that is. :)

love/prayers --- Mom T

Paula said...

When I was in Fukuoka (as an LDS missionary) we used to make weekly visits to a nursing home, just to visit and play games with the elderly people. Reading your blog is making me really miss Japan...I keep telling my husband he needs to look into assignments there, then he reminds me I already asked him to look for assignments in Europe to be closer to my family...guess I can't have both, and I'll probably end up just staying stateside!