Saturday, August 15, 2009

Speaking of Wild Monkeys....

Yep - there is a Macaque (Snow Monkey) loose in the woods of the North Side of base. AFN warns us not to stare at it, not to appear aggressive. They usually live in packs so something is up that this one perfers to live alone in our woods/forest. I think I heard that he had been here before, was caught and released....he's back. I'd love to visit an Onsen where they plan on the edges of the springs. LOL

From wikipedia:The Japanese Macaque is diurnal and spends most of its time in
forests. It lives in a variety of forest-types, including subtropical to
subalpine, deciduous, broadleaf, and evergreen forests, below 1500 m. It feeds
on seeds, roots, buds, fruit, invertebrates, berries, leaves, eggs, fungi, bark,
and cereals. It has a body length ranging from 79 to 95 cm, with a tail length
of approximately 10 cm. Males weigh from 10 to 14 kg, females, around 5.5 kg.

The Japanese Macaque lives in mountainous areas of Honshū, Japan. It
survives winter temperatures below -15 °C (5°F), and is perhaps most notable for
the amount of time it spends relaxing in naturally heated volcanic hot springs
in Snow Monkey park located in Yamanouchi town, close to historical Hot spring
area named Shibu Onsen.

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whatexackley said...

Hmmmm...berries, eggs, and cereal and relaxing in volcanic hot springs sounds good to me right now!!

Lis in NY from SHS

Anonymous said...


Makes me homesick for the Philippines where we had so many pet monkey's. The are fun but such stinkers. :):)

l/p --- Mom T