Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cape Shiriya - May 21

Michael took leave on Monday so we could have a full day as a family. Jared had to work in the evening, but the rest of us headed up to Cape Shiriya.  It was gorgeous! We had never been up and seen the ponies this early in the year....and Krista found a float and Michael found two - small ones - the cute size. 

 Note Bre at the top of the rocks - with her PURSE! ::snort:: She said the ONLY thing that would get her over her fear of heights was getting Stacia to the top. That'll preach!

 There are lots of trucks on the beach harvesting this - figure it's the mystery ingredient in sea food ramen.


Michael impressed Zander (who is always hunting for perfect sticks) with this piece of bamboo. 

 Float nestled in the midst of this thing. 

See the hooks? Big fishing lure....

Evidently the house was there before the freeway was built...so it goes around it. 

We were a bit of a sensation here...and took all the seats....wonder what it would have been like if the three missing Gherkins were with us. LOL 

Krista enjoys her first bowl of ramen. 

Our haul of the day! 

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Anonymous said...

goodness! looks like a beautiful place to play and hunt. Those horses are special to see. Neat floats and love the rope still around them. I marvel at all the beautiful things you all see in Japan. PTL for HIS beautiful creation. love/prayers mom t.

NOW to post this. :):):) Bet when I get older I won't be able to get any post to go...... those cute little nutzo words below are interesting to see....to say the least. Just imagine...in a few years..... :):):):):) love/pryers again. mom t.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

LOL Mom - well you succeeded. LOL