Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Post Retreat - Lake Towadako

The town was strangely quiet when the 60 American women left....the girls and I wandered down to the lake. Krista hadn't seen "The Maiden" yet - or the nekkid ladies as we call them in our family. History tells us an artist dearly loved his wife. She was schizophrenic and died in middle age. Out of his great love he sculpted this statue of her - nekkid - and it is now a monument visited by tourists from all over. We've discussed other ways of displaying great love for middle aged wives should the need ever occur in this family. ::grin::

There were still a couple of snow piles in Yasumiya - Krista and Arielle  had to climb them - of course.

Sadly, our families traditional hike to the Hagen Das vending machine revealed it had been removed. Arielle was up to the  task and found a replacement in an apple ice cream stand. The vanilla, apple twist is to die for!

We stopped at a restaurant ladies told us about on our way home.....once through the gorge! We had a bit of a wait - well worth the wait in my book!

We returned home in time to grab the rest of the kids and head to the 1700 service. A full weekend, a blessed weekend.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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Anonymous said...

HI: So neat you folks and the girls got to have such a wonderful time. Looks like your girls wore themselves out a bit. :):) How blessed you are to have had such a wonderful time while the girls were there...AND...I know they had a wonderful time and all were so blessed. Family....nothing else like it in this world........other than the intimate times we have with the Lord.......nothing can top that. hugs and kisses to all. love/prayers - mom t.