Monday, July 05, 2021

The 5th of July

 I caught the tail end of the sunrise this morning when I took Alex to work. I do miss spectacular Texas sunrise and sunsets. I suppose they are spectacular here, but I never seem to catch them....I've also discovered I can drop Alex at work, zip to Carrs to catch their daily opening and there is usually some pretty good grass fed beef marked down 50%.  LOL  


Nate and Heather left early this a.m. to drive Jared and Larissa to the airport in Anchorage. They met up with Jamin for breakfast. 

Jared, Nate, Heather, Jamin
📷 by Larissa 

Josiah and Carrie were going to stop over, but Willow ate a stick and needed to see a vet. It looks like she is not going to require surgery. 

Mrs. Norman did stop by! They were out in the valley to pick up her car and Reno  - their English Mastiff.  We had a quick visit. Note the instant pot - I picked up a couple of grass fed roasts at Carrs and had them cooking all day. They were wonderful with a couple of pans of roasted veggies for dinner. 

Krista, Maria and Heather 

I looked over and caught Dad and Nate visiting....Dad is content to simply have him in the room while he reads the paper. Nate appeared to be napping, but was just resting his eyes. 

Nate helped Michael with a project in our room. It appears a slat in our bedframe was falling apart. Heather cleaned out and re-organized my kitchen drawers.  This is a handy couple to have visit. LOL  They went on a walk with dad. 

Maria, the girls and I attempted a pedicure - but when we got there they were closed. 

Bre and the kids dropped by for an  afternoon visit. It's always fun to see them. Stacia got the three older ones busy making cake doughnuts. 

This allowed the rest of us to sit and visit, and make smiley faces at Jojo. Maria has the Jojo touch. 

The time came for the kids and Bre to go home and help Izaak put up a shed. We pulled out the veggies and roast and had dinner....sat around and by one everyone headed for bed....except Heather who had a 9 p.m. call with Thailand. LOL 

I find myself missing Jared and Larissa. It was great to have them nearby again. Tomorrow more visitors will leave and life will settle into it's normal routine once again. 

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