Thursday, August 18, 2022

Breakfast, Gifts, Games & Dinner

Allie has been working evenings and it's a sacrifice for her to get up for breakfast, but it's a priority and she's wanted to continue even when presented with other options.  For the past six weeks we've been meeting with both girls together once a week. We've been working through questions at If: Table and enjoying the twists and turns of the conversation. Stacia and I appreciate Allie's efforts to continue meeting.  This morning we rushed from breakfast to the hair salon. Personally, I thought both girls' hair looked darling, but it's been 8 weeks and they were ready for a trim. 

Before we came home, we ran to the library, picked up a Click List grocery order, and stopped by Omnivore Alaska, Stacia's choice for her birthday dinner, to verify their hours. 

This afternoon we made 2 ice cream cakes, a chocolate mint cheesecake, and five 10-inch pizza dough rounds and 4 individual ones.  We are set up well for the next couple of days of hospitality. 

We have been looking for a bit of time to have a household birthday celebration for Stacia. We opened gifts this afternoon.  

Allie got Stacia a mug captioned, "Don't annoy the author. They'll write you into a book and then kill you." She also gave her a Creative Block - a bunch of activity/discussion cards in a box. 

We gave Stacia a Chosen sweatshirt, a lighted curtain panel, and an ear cuff/chain comb. Alex got her a sweatshirt from an anime show they watch. Nolan got her a bag full of treats: a psychedelic boov, giant bag of gummy bears and APPLES TO APPLES!

The kids played Apples to Apples while I finished up with the pizza crust...we got rid of Apples to Apples after several unfortunate incidents.  The more we've been playing games, we realized most of us miss it.  I heard the friendly banter as they each politicked for their choices. I mentioned I had been told that was cheating. They brought out the rules and imagine my surprise when the RULES  tell you to try to convince others to pick your card. The game got even better. 

The pizza rounds were all pre-baked as the game was ending. We headed to Ominvores for an early dinner before Nolan had to go to work. We really liked the Tuscan Chicken. It's well worth watching their schedule and going in if you are local. The girls and I loved the place. Grandpa and Nolan really liked it. Michael said it was, "ok" and Alex didn't like it. That's still a win around here. 

Nolan went to work. Alex went to play games. The rest of us began settling into a night at home...when, much to our horror Allie got a call from work!!!!! She graciously went in to help.  BUT she's off for a few days now and we're going to BE STRONG and tell that assistant store manager, "NO!!!" next time he calls. ::snort::  Most of you know that manager is Nolan, right? LOL We asked Allie to work as many hours this summer as she could. She was happy to do this and was able to pay for her first college semester AND have cash towards the next semester. She has cut her hours down until she experiences her college load.  We are all excited to have her home more again.  We're also incredibly proud of her. 

Michael, Stacia and I are playing Farkle. It makes me sad that Dad doesn't play any longer....

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